Lisa Thornton, Notary Public
Have Stamp, Will Travel


All fees are due and payable at the time notarization services are provided.  Notarizations are guaranteed to be accurate and compliant with current California Secretary of State's notary public laws, rules and regulations. 

$10 fee for each signature notarized, per person, per document.  Your travel fee will be based on our meeting location (city).  A travel fee will not be charged for certain conditions.  Please contact me for more details.  I accept the following forms of payment: 
Cash, debit/credit cards** -
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover

The following penalty charges will be added to debit/credit card charge-backs, and invoices not paid in full within 14 calender days from the date of notary services:
$35 fee - **Debit/credit card charge-back
$25 fee - If you have an outstanding balance not paid within 14 calender days from the date of notary services.

All rights and remedies allowed by law will be exercised, including seeking redress in a court of law.  Damages will be sought to include the unpaid balance and any applicable penalty fees listed above, plus collection fees and possibly attorney's fees.  Each invoice will incur its own set of penalty fees.